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Prim and Primal

A little over a century ago, life was simpler.   People grew their own vegetables, hunted for meat, baked bread, raised chickens for eggs, and fished in streams when you could still take a drink of water and not have to worry about chemical runoff.  The air was clean, noise pollution was not an issue, and family time was sitting around the fireplace reading a book.  

Generational families all lived together under one roof.   Grandma ground the wheat berries to make bread, grandpa milked the cows, mom canned the vegetables from the garden, dad plowed the land, and the kids played Xbox (just kidding!).  It was hard work from sun up to sun down but physically gratifying with plenty of fresh air and sunshine to support a healthy immune system.  And yes after a hard day's work our fictitious agrarian family probably smelled like something that should be spread into the garden as fertilizer, but life was simple.

Fast forward to the turn of the century where the second industrial revolution let people trade in pitchforks for brief cases, and overalls for three-piece suits.  
Romantics aside, life got easier.  New products flooded the market made from things that don't grow out of the ground.  Slather aluminum chlorohydrate under the arms to prevent sweating?  Sounds good to me!  (not really)
Of course it's not just deodorant.  What's in your shampoo?  What's in your toothpaste?  Your lotion? Face wash?  Counter spray, dish detergent, hand soap?  As if our bodies don't have enough to deal with already from work related stress, general lack of exercise, and air pollution; the use of these products is just another thing adding to the list of overload.  There are numerous documented health issues all directly relating to the sensitivities of pollutants bombarding our bodies that will be dealt with in my other blogs.

It's time to get prim and primal... you shouldn't have to hire a chemist to understand what's in cleaning, skin care, or personal hygiene products.  Some of the most basic, natural ingredients are often able to clean and deodorize far better than any synthetic derivatives on the market.  So let's go back to our roots and rediscover some recipes from long ago that are healthy, organic, pure, and natural.

Barbara McDonald
Barbara McDonald